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  • Senseez Handheld Vibrating Massager - Lil Jelly Soothables

    Item # 43144

    Price $13.00

    Portable vibrations on the go! Lil Jelly vibrates when you squeeze it to help you relax and focus....

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  • Black Mesh Ball Bag

    Item # 80028

    Price $24.00

    This bag is made of a durable mesh material with a grommet reinforced drawstring opening and...

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  • NoiseOff

    Item # 42952

    Price $25.00

    Create an environment that supports reading, studying, and focusing by using the NoiseOff device to...

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  • Find It® - Kid's World

    Item # 42962

    Price $23.00

    Can you find it?! Boost visual focus and concentration as you seek out the 40 or more hidden themed...

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  • Fling-A-Ring

    Item # 19989

    Price $29.75

    A cross between horseshoes and disc golf, Fling-A-Ring’s patented design makes this a standout....

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  • Geo Shape Lacing

    Item # 42698

    Price $34.75

    This easy-to-grasp set of three lacing boards and 6 multi-colored laces are a great way to develop...

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  • Roller Ball Massage Bar

    Item # 42670

    Price $19.00

    The roller ball massage bar targets pressure points, improves circulation and provides unique...

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  • Sensory Shapes

    Item # 42207

    Price $20.25

    Build, stack or roll these colorful, knobby textured blocks and rounds. The texture stimulate the...


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  • Scoop Ball Set

    Item # 8219

    Price $31.00

    Play seated, standing, or on a table. Use indoors or out! Set includes 12 scoops and 6 Funballs in...

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  • Large Flash Football

    Item # 17570

    Price $11.00

    A burst of fun to your football activities! Add excitement to your program with this bright ball...

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  • Yoga Mat

    Item # 17565

    Price $10.00

    This lightweight and durable PVC foam yoga gym mat provides a comfortable practice area and padding...


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  • See Through Tunnel

    Item # 9964

    Price $31.25

    Excellent for muscle and motor skill development! Mesh window provides visibility and light....

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