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We offer the best in Sensory Solutions, Activities for Daily Living (ADL) and Adaptive Equipment, with thousands of items to delight and inspire. From designing your dream Sensory Room, to finding the perfect Therapy Swing, Weighted Blanket, Fidget Toys or Motor Skills Development products—we provide resources that enable healthy, more independent living. Find infinite PE & Gym Equipment choices and PE Activities for your school, program or active classroom like Parachutes, Climbing Walls, Fitness, and so much more. Did you know we have 490 different gym, exercise and therapy mats? Our wide selection of outdoor recreation products includes Backyard Games, Table Games, Benches, Bleachers, Playground Equipment, and of course—Playground Balls!

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New Products

  • Penalty Box Fit 12 pack Trainer Kit

    Penalty Box Fit 12 pack Trainer Kit

    Get the most out of your team workouts with the 3-in-1 Penalty Box Fit! Use it as an agility grid,...

    Etac Turner Pro

    Etac Turner Pro

    Sit to stand transfer aid that offers safe patient turning with standing support. Enables good...

    Robic SC-539 Event and Split Timer

    Robic SC-539 Event and Split Timer

    Superior quality and features on an entry level stopwatch. Jumbo sized LCD display makes

    3Doodler Start

    3Doodler Start

    Lift your imagination off the page! Use this innovative light and portable 3D printing pen to...

  • Spikeball® Pro

    Spikeball® Pro

    The Spikeball® Pro Kit is for any serious player who wants to take their game to the next level. A...

    Hard Shell Comfy Cap

    Hard Shell Comfy Cap

    This 11.5 oz. helmet is made of a compression-molded inner foam liner attached to a hard plastic...



    A cross between horseshoes and disc golf, Fling-A-Ring’s patented design makes this a standout....

    Rock and Roll It Rainbow Piano

    Rock and Roll It Rainbow Piano

    Flexible and completely portable rainbow colored piano keyboard comes with 49 standard keys...

  • Kids Yoga Mat - Bird Song

    Kids Yoga Mat - Bird Song

    Three little birds singing sweet songs on this kid-sized yoga mat for the little yogi. The...

    Mini Carillon

    Mini Carillon

    With the six color-coded song cards, it’s easy to play songs by pressing the matching color on...

    Bean Bag Bucketz

    Bean Bag Bucketz

    Bean Bag Bucketz is an addictive competitive game that will keep players moving and engaged. Fast...

    Floor Surfer

    Floor Surfer

    The Floor Surfer is a roller board designed for play and therapy. Similar to a scooter board, you...

Best Sellers

  • Rally Meister Wood Paddle

    Rally Meister Wood Paddle

    The lightest wood paddle on the market. Perfect for all ages in modern graphics and the best grip...

  • Round Seesaw

    Round Seesaw

    This round seesaw amuses and delights while providing great balance challenges as it moves in all...

  • Deluxe Roller Racer®

    Deluxe Roller Racer®

    A favorite with kids and Physical Education teachers! Swing the handlebars from side to side to zip...

  • AIREX Balance Beam

    AIREX Balance Beam

    The Airex-Balance trainer will help improve your Physical Education program and help your...

  • Flex Cones

    Flex Cones

    A safer alternative to ordinary cones, Flex Cones collapse easily if stepped on. Open sides...

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