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Take the Bang Out of Fireworks
Fireworks may be exciting for some, but overstimulating for others...here are some quick tips to help everyone enjoy the show.

Ear Defenders 1. MUFFLE THE NOISE
If your child will allow, give him or her earplugs or comfortable headphones, like our Ear Defenders to help muffle or cancel out the loud noises.

Popular Chew Toys 2. CHEW IT OUT
Some children with sensory needs feel the need to bite or chew when overstimulated. Help them regain balance with some of our popular chew toys.

Colorful soft rubber balls 3. MAKE IT FUN!
Include these colorful soft rubber balls covered in bumps that offer tactile input and create varying tossing and catching activities as you wait for the big show.

If your child benefits from deep pressure or weight, don’t forget a  weighted blanket, wrap, vest or lap pad.

Comfortable Colorful Cushion 5. CREATE SOME DISTANCE
Find a spot away from the crowd, where you can still view the fireworks. Bring a portable seat cushion and enjoy the show!

Scented Balls 6. UNDER PRESS-SURE
Scented balls are a great tool for those with SPD! Watch your child for signs of meeting their threshold. Having these scented balls on hand can aid kids when anxious and overstimulated.