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The FlagHouse Overcomer™

The FlagHouse Overcomer
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Designed by PE Teacher Joe Kabes, this unique adapted sports equipment allows users with limited motor abilities and/or visual impairments to swing, throw and strike any number of lightweight sport or gaming attachments.

Use it to play baseball, tennis, hockey, golf, lacrosse, cricket and more. This inclusive experience promotes independence, increases user success, builds positive self-esteem and supports overall well-being.


"The look of joy and pride on my son’s face as he was able to swing a bat to hit a ball for the first time in his life is just something that cannot be put into words. It literally brought tears to my eyes to see my little boy so happy that he could do something that, prior to him using the FlagHouse Overcomer, he could only watch other children do.”

– Jim D., Parent

"Watching wheelchair bound athletes actually hit a ball with zero or very little assistance was truly remarkable! While this may seem trivial to some people, it is a life changing experience. Striving for independence is every parent’s dream for their child, and the FlagHouse Overcomer helps accomplish this. The smiles are endless.”

– Ron K., Co-Founder Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester

“The FlagHouse Overcomer was such an important 'ah-ha!' moment...we at the Jays Care Foundation provide the utmost support for having this life-changing piece of equipment available to all of our Challenger Baseball programs nationwide.”

– Alysha K., Manager Inclusive Programs, Jays Care Foundation

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