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Let's All Play! Adapted Bowling

Bowling is a recreational sport enjoyed by many people. First adapted after WWII, injured veterans returning home enjoyed the game with the help of assistive technology. For this reason, it has become one of the most popular sports in the Special Olympics. Today the game is accessible, with minimal adaptations, to individuals of all skills and abilities.
Adapted Bowling
Get Your Adapted Gear Here:
A wide range of adapted equipment is available to those wishing to incorporate it in their inclusive physical education routine, classroom or office:

Ball Ramps: A Bowling Ramp is perfect for those needing physical assistance when rolling the ball with their hand. With it, anyone in a wheelchair, as well as others who have low muscle tone, or limited range of motion in their arms can participate. The ramps allow the users to roll the ball towards the pins by releasing the ball at the top of the ramp. As the ball rolls down the ramp, the momentum propels the balls towards the pins for a strike!

Inflatable/ Rubber Bowling Ball: Inflatable or Rubber Bowling Ball adaptations have been made for people who may have a difficult time lifting heavier balls. This unique ball provides children and adults with Special Needs a lightweight ball that is easier to hold than regular playground balls. This ball allows for a creative routine where both hands and feet may be used!

Bowling Ball Backstop: Keep the game near you. No need to chase after pins with a backstop that makes it easy to keep the fun going.

Bowling Ball Pushers: An extended aluminum arm allows bowlers to push the ball down the lane from a wheel chair or standing position.

Instructional Tips for Inclusion
  • Simplify instruction according to skill level
  • Use two hands instead of one
  • Assign partners
  • Encourage Participation by giving continuous verbal cues
  • Add adapted equipment
  • Assess skill progression

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