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DOM Instructional Golf Club - Right - Handed

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Reduce safety concerns and increase success with the Instructional Junior Swing Golf Club. The club gives you the real feel and performance of a normal 7 iron, as well as keeps safety in mind. With the polyurethane covered head, the risk of accidental injury decreases. This club is lighter in weight than a traditional club, which will allow your students to swing with ease.
Bring this club out for your students with special needs and watch them strike a ball and practice their skills in a safe environment. With the orange colored club head, your students can identify which club to select for their use. The slightly larger club head also allows for more success when they hit the ball. Make your golf activities fun and safer for your students by using the Instructional Junior Swing Golf Club.
Junior Swing® Golf Clubs by DOM. Safe Play With Real 7-Iron Performance. DOM golf clubs have a steel shaft and professional “Victory” grip for real club performance with only 1/3 the weight of metal irons. A metal-core head encapsulated with integral-skin polyurethane foam allows full 7-iron flight of either safety or real golf balls! Cushioned rear head greatly reduces the risk of backswing impact injuries. 33 1/2"L, right-handed.


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