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AngelSense Guardian Kit with 1 Year Subscription


AngelSense Guardian Kit with 1 Year Subscription

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Have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe with this wearable GPS tracking device. AngelSense is a unique, integrated tracking system that alerts parents, teachers, and caregivers of potentially dangerous situations before they occur. 

The AngelSense Guardian kit uses real-time alerts to proactively prevent real-life wandering emergencies, bullying of children or mistreatment situations, especially for children on the autism spectrum, those who may be non-verbal and adults with dementia or Alzheimer's.

Product features include:

  • Cloud-based analytics to save and monitor specific addresses with customized boundaries - ie. home or school
  • Web and mobile app that immediately alerts parents and caregivers of person's activity with real-time updates
  • Two-way speakerphone which allows you to speak directly to your child or loved one to sooth them and/or provide them with a sense of familiarity when they need it most
  • School bus monitoring to see detailed routes, speed and expected arrival times
  • Late arrival and departure alerts
  • Step counter
Kit includes:
  • A small, durable GPS tracking device* that your child or loved one wears so you can see their exact location with real-time map views. Charging cable included.
  • Sleeve for device and three fasteners
  • Magnetic key to ensure that the device cannot be removed
  • 1-year data subscription

*Requires activation for tracking service and safety features.


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