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Oransi® Max HEPA Air Purifier


Oransi® Max HEPA Air Purifier

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For use in rooms up to 600 square feet

Clean the air of allergens, dust, asthma, bacteria, pollen and mold spores with this 3 stage free-standing filtration air purifier. Removes 99.4% of airborne particulates at 0.30 microns, 98.2% at 0.10 microns and 0.02 microns. COVID Is around 0.125 microns where the removal rate with each air pass is 98.67%. This unit operates quietly, changes the air every 20 minutes, is lightweight and easy to move. Includes 1 set of filters. Product weight: 18.5 lbs. Size: 17”W x 22”H x 8”D. Replacement filter # 43537 (Every 12 months).


  • Room coverage: Most sized rooms – up to 600 square feet (20’ x 30’)
  • CADR rating: 200
  • Cleans room 3 times per hour
  • Power: 90 watts, 115V, 60Hz
  • Filter: pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter
  • HEPA filter life: 12 months
  • Carbon filter life: 12 months HEPA filter efficiency: 99% (MERV 16 rating – typically used in hospitals)
  • V-Lock/V-Seal: no air by-pass so all the air is filtered
  • Replacement filter indicator: electronic display alerts you when it is time to check the air filters


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