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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Assistive Hardware

Our selection of Assistive Hardware is designed to aid the learning process. Accessories including assistive keyboards, track balls, and more, are designed to establish a more accessible learning environment for users with motor skill impairments. Shop RE-vibe wristbands and products from brands like KINDERBOARD and Hitch.


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  • Grasp Switch

    Item # 43506

    Price $210.00

    Activate this tube-shaped wired switch with a squeeze or a pinch. User must be able to release the...

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  • Trigger Switch

    Item # 43507

    Price $90.00

    This durable wired Trigger Switch is designed to meet the rugged needs of wheelchair users. Provides...

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  • Plate Switch

    Item # 43505

    Price $90.00

    Large activation surface The low profile on this wired switch makes it ideal for users unable to...

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  • Cup Switch

    Item # 43504

    Price $85.00

    One of the most durable switches available. It comes with an IP67 rating – meaning that it is...

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  • Grippibo Hands Free Tablet/Phone holder

    Item # 42637

    Price $25.00

    Creatively designed phone/tablet holder for hands-free support. The magnetic base holds your...

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  • Mini Carillon

    Item # 43063

    Price $598.00

    With the six color-coded song cards, it’s easy to play songs by pressing the matching color on...

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  • Cushion Grip Switch - Medium

    Item # 43075

    Price $72.00

    A fantastic sensitive switch that fits most hands. Just slip it over your hand and you can use a...

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  • Textured Saucer Set of 3

    Item # 43074

    Price $261.00

    Ideal for those with limited motor abilities. These handy switches are specially designed for...

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  • Senso Dot Switch

    Item # 43073

    Price $45.00

    Tactile and visually stimulating, Senso Dot switch provides a wonderful somatosensory experience...

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  • Infinity Mirror

    Item # 43065

    Price $262.00

    Create an optical illusion of a never ending tunnel of light when you press the built-in gumball...

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  • Infinity Bead Chain

    Item # 43069

    Price $429.00

    The possibilities are endless with this unique multisensory toy that provides simultaneous tactile,...

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  • The Twinkler

    Item # 43064

    Price $283.00

    Pressing the yellow textured switch on the front of the device will send the sparkles flying around...


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