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Adapted Toys & Learning Devices

Our selection of adapted toys and learning devices ensure that learners of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to grow and advance. Diverse and inclusive dolls build confidence and empathy while manipulatives like building towers and lacing sets provide tactile problem solving and occupational development. Activity centers, mirror games and language cards also make learning fun and accessible.


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  • Mini Carillon

    Item # 43063

    Price $639.00

    With the six color-coded song cards, it’s easy to play songs by pressing the matching color on...

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  • Sensational Textured Activity Center

    Item # 42379

    Price $512.00

    Spin this exciting busy box and go on an adventure of textures, sights and sounds. Six different...

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  • Infinity Bead Chain

    Item # 43069

    Price $429.00

    The possibilities are endless with this unique multisensory toy that provides simultaneous tactile,...

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  • Ring Around Bells

    Item # 41362

    Price $417.00

    Ideal for music therapy and classroom music time! Activate the attached capability switch and the...


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  • Jumbo Love Bug

    Item # 37286

    Price $405.00

    Share the feeling with 2 or more! Clients can lie, sit, or crawl across her generously sized back to...

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  • Infinity Mirror

    Item # 43065

    Price $299.00

    Create an optical illusion of a never ending tunnel of light when you press the built-in gumball...

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  • The Twinkler

    Item # 43064

    Price $283.00

    Pressing the yellow textured switch on the front of the device will send the sparkles flying around...


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  • Magical Light Show

    Item # 41366

    Price $259.00

    Press the yellow switch and feel subtle vibrations under your hand as the Magical Light Show begins....

    Order Soon, Only 1 Left!

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  • Musical Big Indoor Traffic Light

    Item # 8256

    Price $249.00

    You can’t walk by our wall-mount Traffic Light without a look and a touch. You simply have to...

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  • Play Food Set

    Item # 42766

    Price $155.00

    All the kitchen play items and delicious food you need for your dramatic play and early nutrition...

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  • Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse and Furniture Set

    Item # 42563

    Price $153.00

    Suitable for all 1:12-scale dolls, our play house invites pretend-play families to pull into the...

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  • ALL TURN IT® Spinner

    Item # 40294

    Price $139.00

    No need for dice! This switch-activated spinner with built-in external switch jack performs the...


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