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Aura LED Projector

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The Aura LED Projector is the perfect projector for your home sensory environment. This affordable LED projector brings to your home the same effects found in multi-sensory rooms around the world!

Features include:

  • Dimmable function
  • Off timer capabilities
  • LED, so no bulb changes and less heat
  • Includes a Liquid Wheel (cannot be specified)
  • Built-in Wheel Rotator
  • May be remotely controlled using the Opti Aura app (iOS and Android)
  • Constant slow movement provides visual and vestibular stimulation
  • Great to calm and relax problem sleepers - just set the off-timer or use the Opti Aura app to turn off the unit
  • Can be used with any 6" Effect Wheel. Browse the selection available on our website, or use Solar Create-A-Wheel (8932) to create your own design!

Not compatible with the Panoramic Rotator, Distortion Wheel, Clip-on Prism or Multi-Facet Mirror.


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When this projector uses an “oil wheel” (liquid effect), do the different colors slowly swish around giving a constant (never repeating) effect? Or do the color liquids stay permanently fixed, and the wheel just rotates? Does this heat the liquid wheels so the liquids mix into smaller bubbles of color as it gets warmer?


The colored liquids in the 6" Solar Liquid Effect Wheels (Product Numbers 34241 MAG, 34242 MAG, 4816 MAG, 8477 MAG, and 4890 MAG) get warm and flow into each other, continually changing shapes and forms, as the wheel rotates.

By Anonymous on November 09, 2018

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