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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Adapted & Sensory Balls

FlagHouse's selection of Sensory Balls offers a fun, and stimulating experience. You'll find everything from flashing balls, to jingle bell balls, laughing balls, thunder energy balls, and more. This range of single and multi-pack designs offers visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation.


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  • Satryan™ Ball Set

    Item # 80426

    Price $74.75

    Flies like a disc and bounces like a ball! You can catch a Satryan Ball like a flying disc or use...

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  • 3" Floating Deco Ball

    Item # 43101

    Price $9.50

    Multi color LED Deco Ball adds visual stimulation to any setting. Features 7 still single colors,...

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  • 18" Omnikin Ball Set

    Item # 80014

    Price $325.00

    The different colored balls in this set can dictate the activity while playing many games...

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  • Glow in the Dark Sensory Ball

    Item # 42957

    Price $16.50

    The nubby texture of this glow in the dark sensory ball provides visual stimulation and tactile...

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  • Sensory Balls

    Item # 42938

    Price $48.25

    This 9 piece mega set of balls covers a wide range of sensory integration needs including tactile...


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  • Lights and Sounds Ball Set

    Item # 41503

    Price $65.00

    The balls in this set bounce, light up, or make fun sounds! Set includes: Rattle Ball, Small...

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  • Oball Rainstick

    Item # 42647

    Price $19.50

    This colorful, easy to grasp ball contains multi-colored beads that will catch your eye as they...

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  • Tangle NightBall - Football

    Item # 19118
    WAS $10.25

    NOW $8.75

    YOU SAVE 15%

    The NightBall Football lights up brighter the more it spins! Keep the game going even as the...

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  • Phlat Ball™ V3

    Item # 19328

    Price $16.25

    Phlat Ball™ V3 is a unique sports toy that transforms from a 9" flying disc to a 6" fun ball when...

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  • Tossable Beanbag Ball

    Item # 18895

    Price $3.00

    Made of soft vinyl filled with plastic pellets. Soft to catch and will not roll away. Easy...

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  • Bolli Ball

    Item # 19445

    Price $7.75

    The Bolli ball is easy to hold and great for stretching, manipulating, and tossing. Dishwasher and...

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  • Sensory Soccer Ball

    Item # 18992

    Price $35.00

    Physical Education and APE (Adapted Physical Education) teachers, therapists, and youth coaches now...


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