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Adapted & Sensory Balls

FlagHouse's selection of Sensory Balls offers a fun, and stimulating experience. You'll find everything from flashing balls, to jingle bell balls, laughing balls, thunder energy balls, and more. This range of single and multi-pack designs offers visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation.


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  • Slow Motion Ball

    Item # 14851R

    Price $29.00

    The slower movement of this ball makes it easier to handle. Bright, lightweight, and bounceable....

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  • Phlat Ball™ Jr.

    Item # 80513

    Price $12.00

    Throw a disc, catch a ball! Phlat Balls™ are unique in that they transform from a 5 1/2"...

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  • FlagHouse® Keepers! Sensory Ball Set

    Item # 80597

    Price $129.00

    Value set includes an assortment of sensory balls to engage the senses and enhance tactile...

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  • Bolli Ball Set of 3

    Item # 80515

    Price $26.50

    The Bolli ball is easy to hold and great for stretching, manipulating, and tossing. Dishwasher and...

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  • Suction Sphere

    Item # 43350

    Price $15.00

    Supersize your fun with these super strong suction cups which cover a 5” ball. The suction...

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  • Bumpy Ball

    Item # 80525

    Price $7.75

    Vinyl 8" bumpy, sensory play ball is excellent for indoor or outdoor activities. Colors may vary.

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  • Luster Illuminated Ball

    Item # 80376

    Price $23.00

    Stage-quality balls illuminated by powerful LEDs give off a bright and beautiful light. Amazing for...

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  • Bash Birdie

    Item # 80449

    Price $4.00

    Kick it. Hit it. Catch it. Roll it. Juggle it…Even doink it! This goes-anywhere,...

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  • Tossable Beanbag Ball Set

    Item # 80121

    Price $19.75

    Soft to catch and won't roll away, our tossable beanbag balls make a great alternative to...

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  • Funny Face Balls

    Item # 80340

    Price $39.00

    These brightly colored Funny Face Balls are great for kicking, throwing, catching, and shooting....

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  • Soft Sensory Ball Set

    Item # 43172

    Price $55.00

    Sensory seekers will enjoy this set of 6 brightly colored, flock covered sensory balls. Velvety to...

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  • 3" Floating Deco Ball

    Item # 43101

    Price $9.75

    Multi color LED Deco Ball adds visual stimulation to any setting. Features 7 still single colors,...

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