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Sensory Rooms

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Discover Our Sensory Rooms!
Wherever people can benefit from the use of sensory equipment, FlagHouse delivers! We bring over 25 years’ experience creating thousands of unique, life-changing environments to empower and treat people of all ages and abilities—in a wide array of therapeutic and non-therapeutic facilities, worldwide!

Our Sensory Consulting Team is ready to support you every step of the way!

We Provide:
  • Full-Service Consultation (no charge)
  • FREE Room Design
  • Innovative Technologies and Equipment
    • Your sole source for authentic, Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Environments (MSEs)
  • Expert Installation
  • Onsite Training
Whether used independently or facilitated by a therapist, sensory rooms can be used to calm and relax, or stimulate exploration, learning and development, to help individuals with sensory processing disorder, cognitive and learning disabilities to process the world around them.
  • Sensory Spaces
  • Sensory Spaces
  • Sensory Spaces
  • Sensory Spaces
  • Sensory Spaces
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