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FlagHouse is now part of School Specialty!

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FlagHouse, Inc., is now a subsidiary of School Specialty, LLC. By joining forces with School Specialty, a leading provider of learning environments and supplies for the preK-12 education market, we can now offer even more comprehensive solutions to our customers.

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A Message from George

A Message from George

Dear Friends,

I'm proud to inform you that FlagHouse is now a part of School Specialty, LLC! 

As FlagHouse reached its 69th anniversary in January, my brother Doug and I decided the time had come to pass the family business along to new and capable hands. Together, we’ve accrued 64 years of service to the company, in addition to the 36 years our father Monte spent building the company — a remarkable 100 years combined of Carmel family stewardship at FlagHouse. 

Monte is as vibrant and sharp as ever today at 93 years young. He is a testament that staying physically active, being social, and having fun can do wonders for one’s health and longevity! If you've had the pleasure of meeting him, you know someone who lives and breathes FlagHouse, its employees, suppliers, customers, products, catalogs, and services daily. We hope that each of you has felt that commitment, and dedication to quality and doing right by everyone, throughout our entire organization. 

We believe we've found the right partner to carry the FlagHouse legacy forward. School Specialty is committed to keeping the FlagHouse brand, reputation, and traditions going strong into the future. Our new colleagues are thrilled to welcome FlagHouse and you, our customers, into the fold. Both companies have been working to transform classrooms for decades. Now, the knowledge that we're bringing a greater assortment of quality and trusted products together for you in one convenient place makes this decision feel even more right to us. 

FlagHouse business operations remain intact, and we will continue to honor and fulfill all past and future orders. School Specialty will soon begin fulfilling FlagHouse orders from its distribution centers in Wisconsin and Ohio. Many of your FlagHouse representatives will remain in place, as will our offices in the greater Toronto area. Doug and I will personally remain involved to ensure a smooth and successful transition for all involved, especially our FlagHouse family of staff and customers. 

Thank you for trusting FlagHouse with your business and making us a part of your community over these past seven decades. You and your organizations have enabled us to enrich the lives of untold thousands of people. We truly are ever grateful for the privilege of serving you, and we will carry those fond memories forward into the next chapter of our lives. 


 George Carmel


Check out this video for more information about the transition!


Are FlagHouse and School Specialty now one company?

Yes. School Specialty, LLC, a leading provider of learning environments and supplies for the preK-12 education market, has acquired FlagHouse, Inc. FlagHouse will now move forward as a subsidiary of School Specialty, LLC, continuing its role as a trusted provider of equipment and programs serving physical education, recreation, special needs therapy, and healthcare customers. And the FlagHouse subsidiary Rompa, Ltd. will keep offering its highly regarded Snoezelen brand of products for sensory rooms. 

 Why have FlagHouse and School Specialty decided to come together? 

Our offerings fit so well together that we're excited to bring a wider selection of products to both companies' customers. School Specialty has long been a leading provider of learning environments and supplies for educators in grades PreK-12. FlagHouse, Inc. has been a trusted provider of equipment and programs serving physical education, recreation, special needs therapy, and healthcare customers. With this move, School Specialty will be more able to provide comprehensive physical education and special needs solutions to schools, expand its reach into non-education markets, and strengthen its presence in Canada. And FlagHouse customers will now have access to School Specialty's selection of over 100,000 products. 


Will you honor my contracted pricing with School Specialty/FlagHouse? 

 Yes! If you are a School Specialty customer, contract pricing will apply to FlagHouse items where applicable when your order is placed with School Specialty. If your orders are placed through FlagHouse, current contract pricing will apply. School Specialty has a broad array of pricing programs for our customers' convenience, and within 60 to 90 days, FlagHouse customers will transition to those programs under one unified pricing structure. 

Invoicing and Billing

Will my FlagHouse invoicing or billing change now that School Specialty owns FlagHouse?

  For now, it's business as usual. For customers ordering from FlagHouse, invoicing and billing remain the same. Ultimately, FlagHouse orders will be fulfilled through School Specialty, and once that transition happens, all orders will be invoiced in a unified fashion with the School Specialty and FlagHouse brands visible on the invoice. 

 As a FlagHouse customer, do I need to complete a new W9 tax identification form? 

 No, you're good. When ordering from FlagHouse, the tax identification number remains the same as it has been. If you order from School Specialty and do not have its W9 form, you can get it directly from School Specialty just by asking for it, or you can download it here.

How to Place an Order

 I'm a FlagHouse customer. How do I place an order for School Specialty products? 

  If you're a FlagHouse customer who wants to buy School Specialty products, tell us the School Specialty products you are interested in. We will get you a quote and set you up in the School Specialty system. Eventually your FlagHouse account will be transitioned into the School Specialty system, where all your orders and invoices will be processed. We will clearly communicate to you when that happens. If you have questions about ordering School Specialty products, feel free to call us at: 

US - School Specialty Customer Care 1-888-388-3224 

Canada - School Specialty Customer Care 1-866-519-2816  

 I'm a School Specialty customer. How do I place an order for FlagHouse products? 

 Tell us the FlagHouse products you are interested in, and we will get you a quote. Call us at: 

US - School Specialty Customer Care 1-888-388-3224 

Canada - School Specialty Customer Care 1-866-519-2816  

 Now that School Specialty owns FlagHouse, can I still place international orders with FlagHouse? 

Yes, you can continue to place International orders. If you already have a freight forwarder/carrier, please provide us with their information. If you don't, no problem — School Specialty works with MyUS.com to offer you convenient international shipping. Sign up for a MyUS.com account and you'll receive your very own MyUS.com address to use at checkout. MyUS will receive packages on your behalf, then ship your order overseas. If you need help, we can put you in touch with School Specialty's International Customer Care agent for further assistance.

Contact International Customer Care for further information

 Phone: 1-419-589-1425 

 Email: InternationalTeamCC@SchoolSpecialty.com  

Sales Support and Customer Care

If I need help or have questions, who do I talk to? Can I still contact my same sales or customer care representative? 

 Yes, continue to contact your current sales or customer care representative. 

Delivery Dates and Shipping Policies

Will delivery dates change with this new partnership? 

 We expect no change. FlagHouse is now operating under the School Specialty umbrella and will relocate its fulfillment center operations to School Specialty’s facilities in Ohio and Wisconsin. Your customer experience should remain smooth and seamless all through this transition. 

Are FlagHouse’s shipping policies changing? 

 Yes. Now that items are being fulfilled through School Specialty, FlagHouse orders will follow School Specialty’s shipping policy. Please visit our website for shipping details at https://select.schoolspecialty.com/er-shipping-policy 

For any additional questions, feel free to contact your sales representative.

School Specialty Press Release

Find more details on the acquisition from School Specialty here.