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52 Card Pick Up Set

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52 Pick-Up is PA’s favorite mingling activity and gets the whole group moving, talking to one another, sharing in pairs, and attempting mini-group and solo challenges. It is ideal for group sizes 5-100 and is suitable for a broad range of ages and abilities as it can also be used as a problem-solving activity.

Your group’s ultimate task is to pick up all of the cards. Each participant is invited to pick up a card and complete the task written on it. Imagine participants in your group simultaneously engaged in completing tasks like "play 15 seconds of pretend badminton",  "give everyone in your group a gentle pound – fist to fist," and "have everyone in your group pose for a fake photo".

This activity offers your group the opportunity to practice taking risks such as: interviewing one another, playing charades, attempting a physical challenge, or gaining the attention of the whole group. Included in this set are two different decks of 52 cards with additional “challenge cards” for a problem-solving variation. 


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