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7/16" KMIII Max Static Rope by NE Ropes, Orange, by the foot

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KMIII Max has a twill pattern polyester sheath that creates the most abrasion resistant (17% greater than standard KMIII), balanced, and smooth handling static rope available. The polyester sheath contributes to low UV degradation and superior knot-ability and handling.  The static rope features high tensile strength, low stretch, good abrasion resistance, and reduced spinning tendencies when used as a single line rappel rope. It is NOT recommended for belaying high impact elements such as trapeze jumps and other jumping elements.  The 7/16" diameter static rope works well with most descending devices for double line rappel systems. The 1/2" diameter static line creates additional friction between the rope and the rappel device, making it a good choice for single line rappels and could also be used as the haul rope on elements such as the Flying Squirrel and Swingshot. 

Diameter: 7/16" (11.1 mm)

Average Tensile Strength: 7,500 lb (33.3 kN)

Static Elongation: 2.0% @ 450 lb


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