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Beam Potpourri

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Instantly popular with PA Trainers, this exciting prop truly presents a potpourri of adventure opportunities! Light and easy to set up, each set now contains six, 5' long beams made of high-quality, dense foam, plus an easy to follow instructors guide including safety considerations. Beam Potpourri is a portable low challenge course designed to accommodate classic activities such as the Mohawk Walk, Full House, TP Shuffle, Wild Woosey and many more described in the guide. Connect the no-slip beams at any angle just by attaching them together. One set provides 30 running feet of activity. Use two sets for longer traversing space for the Wild Woosey, Mohawk Walk and TP Shuffle. The six beams included in one set will provide 15 feet on each side for the Wild Woosey, and 30 feet for the TP Shuffle and Mohawk Walk.


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