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XAVIX® Eyehand


XAVIX® Eyehand

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Xavix Eyehand is designed to improve coordination between body and mind. Training not just with your head but also with both hands stimulates the left and right side of your brain in a well-balanced manner. This helps build up the neurotransmission system between the brain and the body.

Double Handling Training: Move your hands in sync with the two orbs which move in a fixed pattern. This mode efficiently develops parallel processing abilities of performing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Panel Touch Training: Quickly touch the panel of the specified color that appears on screen. The purpose of this mode is to develop your ability to react quickly and accurately.

Grab Quickly: Catch butterflies flying around in the screen with both hands. The purpose of this mode is to build agility.

Grab in Order: Grab the numbers 1 to 10 which are scattered on screen starting with the smallest number. The purpose of this mode is to build up powers of instantaneous judgment by reading numbers within as short a time as possible.

Remember and Answer/Shuffle: Instantaneously memorize the pattern and positions of the four cards that appear on screen. As you advance each level the number of cards turned over and shuffled increases, which helps build up your short-term memory abilities.

The exercise effectiveness of XaviX EYEHAND Coordinator has been scientifically proven under the supervision of Dr. Yutaka Kimura, a cardiologist specializing in the circulatory system who is a sports doctor and professor at Kansai Medical University.

Includes XaviX Game Cartridge and Glove sensors. Xavix Port is required, but not included; see Item W12927.


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