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  • Scented Ball - Set of 4

    Item # 17590R

    Price $38.00

    Set of 4 squeezable rubber balls. Each color has a different scent! Provide a fun variation to your...

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  • Rolla Chews

    Item # 42518

    Price $36.00

    This innovative, gear-shaped oral and tactile fidget offers a 360  degree surface for sensory...

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  • Sensory Skill Building Clip

    Item # 43548

    Price $34.00

    A versatile sensory clip with many functions.  Use it as a fidget, a fine motor and cognitive...

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  • Contrast Comforter

    Item # 43327

    Price $33.00

    Soft and comforting blanket serves many purposes. Use the side with soft bumps for tactile input and...

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  • Wiggle Feet Foot Fidget

    Item # 43384

    Price $30.00

    Allow children to release excess energy and refocus in the classroom while quietly fidgeting with...

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  • Twiddle™ Original - Set of 4

    Item # 43633
    WAS $40.00

    NOW $30.00

    YOU SAVE 25%

    A classic sensory toy that you can fidget, crunch, and shape! Featuring 170 interchangeable pieces...

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  • Twiddle™ - Extreme

    Item # 43634
    WAS $40.00

    NOW $30.00

    YOU SAVE 25%

    A classic sensory toy that you can fidget, crunch and shape! Featuring 170 interchangable pieces...

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  • FootFidget® Foot Rest Only

    Item # 41417

    Price $29.75

    Change the way your client’s learn with the revolutionary FootFidget® Foot Rest. Similar...

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  • Find It® - Original

    Item # 42961

    Price $27.95

    Can you find it?! Boost visual focus and concentration as you seek out the 40 or more hidden themed...

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  • Gyrobi - Set of 6

    Item # 42620

    Price $27.00

    Twist, spin and rotate this gyroscope inspired fidget to release energy and gain focus. Features 4...

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  • Thingamajig

    Item # 43594

    Price $25.00

    Push, pull, zip, snap, buckle....this super soft fidget bundle is as fun to use as it is to...

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  • Swingos

    Item # 43328

    Price $24.00

    Rotate the three spinner discs to satisfy your fidget needs. Quiet and discreet.  Good for...

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