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FlagHouse is proud to partner with Cleared4

We've Issued 10 Million COVID Safety Passes
CLEARED4 will ensure that your campuses are safe to return regardless of the requirements and that your organization is compliant and free from legal liability.

Protect Your Institution's Health and Reputation by Keeping Your Students, Faculty, and Staff Safe.

While the world works to manage the “new normal” of COVID, the return of students and faculty means that compliance and legal implications are just beginning.

At CLEARED4, we understand the importance of safety for all learners, staff, athletes as well as the protection of your institution’s health and reputation.

We're confident our management strategy guarantees everyone an opportunity to attend school without compromising the health or rights of fellow students, faculity and staff.

CLEARED4’s Integrated Solution

CLEARED4 combines five critical components to provide a comprehensive health platform that helps clients create and maintain safe spaces during pandemics, flu seasons, and other disease outbreaks.
Symptom Monitoring Symptom Monitoring
COVID-19 Test Integration COVID-19 Test Integration
Vaccine Verification(TM) Vaccine Verification™
Integrated Access Control Integrated Access Control
Contact Trace Reporting Contact Trace Reporting

Here's Why CLEARED4 Issues More Monthly Covid Health Passes
in the U.S. Than the Next Four Competitors Combined:

Real-Time Access Control and Monitoring
Instant adjustments that provide greater flexibility with greater control for instant results.
Fully Integrable Into Any Existing APP or API
Complete HR & IT automation complimenting your current environment with no costly upgrades or training required.
QR, RFID Card, Wearable and Biometrics
Screen process acceptance agnostic acceptance capability that enables your company flexibility with both cost and growth.
CDC, Local, State, OSHA, HIPAA and FERPA Compli
Peace-of-mind management and bases-covered compliance and legality.
Rapid Implementation
No productivity or monetary drop-off due to transition downtime.
Personal Data Protection
We don’t sell or profit from user data we safely ensure the health and reputation of your clients, fans, and employees.