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Let's All Play! Adapted Basketball

Walk into any gym facility, sports recreation program, or playground and you’ll be sure to find one each time: a basketball court. The game of basketball has been taught and incorporated in nearly every PE classroom or sports program. One of the most cherished games by people of all ages gained its popularity by how easily it can be picked up with just a few simple mechanics. However, many of the gross and fine motor skills needed, such as throwing, dribbling, and running may come as challenge for individuals with special needs. Today adaptations have been made to the game so everyone can enjoy.
Adapted Basketball
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Here are some general adaptations that can be incorporated in your inclusive physical education routine, classroom or office:
  • Lower baskets to provide an easier target.
  • For those requiring additional sensory input or have visual impairments incorporate a Ringing Basketball.
  • Use balls made from lighter material and smaller in size.
  • Incorporate the use of an Adjustable Ring Basketball Stand. A height adjustable basketball stand allows for an easier alternative for anyone with limited motor function.
  • Adapt rules to the player’s ability. The National Wheelchair Basketball Association has created rules for players in wheelchairs.

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