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Sports Teach Basketball™ - #5

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What is the best way for a student with special needs to learn? By seeing and doing. What easier way is there than to have diagrams and models right on the ball? This Sports Teach Basketball does just that!
With the proper hand positions and diagrams right on the ball, students get a perfect visual model of how to position their hand on the ball. Ball is decorated with bright colors to keep the attention of the student. With this Sport Teach Ball, your students will have more success faster than with a regular sports ball. Soon enough, your students will be shooting like Michael Jordon!
Balls that help you teach! This colorful ball features simple, effective illustrations and graphics that show you how to execute ball skills. “View It & Do It” movement progressions and large illustrations reveal key body positions for dribbling. “Shooting & Throwing” hands teach how to grip the ball and how to feel a proper release. Activity guide included with each ball. Size 5.

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