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Adapted Sports

Get everyone in on the game with our selection of Adapted Sports equipment and accessories. Shop inclusive sporting essentials great for students and clients with special needs, including soft hockey sets, sensory balls, giant flying discs, E-Z Grip, and more. You’ll also find fun and accessible playground favorites, like wheelchair tunnels, extra-large scooters, bowling ramps, and adapted steeple course sets.


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  • Giant Fish Football Set

    Item # 19996

    Price $85.00

    Giant, 28" long neoprene cloth football fish is soft, safe and fun to catch! Great for indoor and...

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  • Foam Discus Set

    Item # 80055

    Price $45.00

    A safe way to introduce younger children to discus throwing! Brightly colored discuses are...

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  • Cone Toppers

    Item # 80003

    Price $22.00

    Turn your regular cones into stations with cone toppers. Slots on top of the topper hold signs in...

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  • Cannon Cubes Set

    Item # 19993

    Price $35.00

    Use them as tossers or with our Cannon Launchers, Item 19992. 3" square nylon cubes are stuffed...

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  • Rebounder Hoops

    Item # 19997

    Price $80.25

    Hit and bounce with this 151/2" wide rebounder paddle! Use it with foam and lightweight balls for...

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  • Squeeze Whistle Set

    Item # 19998

    Price $95.00

    Squeeze the bulb to produce a loud whistle! High pitch and volume gets your students attention. Set...

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  • Cannon Launcher Set

    Item # 19992

    Price $164.00

    Stomp on the Cannon Launcher to launch balls into the air! A fun and unique way to work on catching...


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  • Safe Catch Gloves

    Item # 19999

    Price $55.00

    These flexible neoprene gloves have hook-and-loop palms making it easy to catch and build...

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  • Floor Surfer

    Item # 42901

    Price $119.00

    The Floor Surfer is a roller board designed for play and therapy. Similar to a scooter board, you...


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  • Lights and Sounds Ball Set

    Item # 41503

    Price $65.00

    The balls in this set bounce, light up, or make fun sounds! Set includes: Rattle Ball, Small...

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  • AAASP Wheelchair Handball Goal

    Item # 19489

    Price $499.00

    Get everyone in the game! FlagHouse, the exclusive equipment supplier for adapted SPORTS™, proudly...

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  • Inflatable Bowling Ball Kit

    Item # 19533

    Price $66.25

    Our new inflatable bowling ball is right up your alley! Made from rubber, it's tough enough for the...

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