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Black Lights for Your Snoezelen® MSE

Shop Black Lights which are great for your Snoezelen MSE. Boasting an enchanting output, our black light products offer visually stimulating options ideal for Multi-Sensory Environments. Our selection includes multi-sensory designs like UV tactile panels, woven UV mats, and UV solutions boxes. Find handheld black lights, as well as replacement bulbs.


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  • UV Twister Rope

    Item # 20464R BLU

    Price $9.75

    It's Linelite - but not as we know it! Flexible, textured 'rope' that glows under UV light....

  • Linelite Door Panel

    Item # 41649

    Price $199.00

    Brighten up your doorway with Linelite! Install in a darkened environment with an Ultra Violet...

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  • Linelite Shower

    Item # 41650

    Price $243.00

    Immerse yourself in this Linelite Shower! Stand amongst or move through the multi-colored linelite...

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  • UV Mat

    Item # 41647

    Price $476.00

    This durable colorful mat glows bright under UV light for visual stimulation, while the woven...

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  • 48" Black Light

    Item # 40425

    Price $76.25

    Perfect for dark rooms, black lights make everything brighter and stimulate the visual sense.

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  • UV Solutions Box

    Item # 39703

    Price $355.00

    All you need to engage the visual senses in one portable box! Items store neatly in the enclosed...

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  • LED Shadow

    Item # 39304

    Price $219.00

    You’ll never have to change a lightbulb again! This voice-activated LED UV black light is ON...

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  • Neon Carpet Tiles

    Item # 37637

    Price $109.00

    Colorful rugs glow with bright fluorescent patterns under black light. Add 3D glasses for a...

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  • Linelite - 1/8'' Dia - Yd

    Item # 8335 CLR

    Price $7.70

    Thin, easy-to-tie Linelite glows brilliantly in fluorescent colors as it’s exposed to...

  • Ultra - Violet Fiber Optics

    Item # 9073

    Price $1,368.00

    Sparkling…captivating…stunning…And now glowing! Fiber-optic strands can also be...

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  • Magic Wands

    Item # 8333

    Price $172.00

    Vibrant acrylic magic wands glow in neon colors under ultraviolet black light—so bright you...

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  • Handheld Black Light

    Item # 7653

    Price $10.21

    This portable Handheld UV Black light works by showing phosphors- a substance that emits a visible...

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