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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Manipulatives for Fine Motor Skills

Manipulatives offer a fun, exploratory outlet that encourages the development and of fine motor skills. Our accessible and adapted toys and play sets are great for clients and students with special needs. You'll find learning walls, game sets, puzzles, building sets, and more.


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  • pipSquigz

    Item # 42716

    Price $21.00

    Push the three pipSquigz down on any smooth surface and watch children react! pipSquigz combine...

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  • Ziggy Pasta Ball

    Item # 41397

    Price $9.00

    Sit down to a tactile feast! Colorful noodles are soothing to the touch. Run your fingers through...

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  • Wooden Stringing Sets - String - a - Car

    Item # 39587

    Price $22.00

    String this set of big, chunky, colorful wooden pieces together for a fun fine-motor-skill building...

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  • Wooden Sound Puzzle Set

    Item # 37441

    Price $39.75

    Take peg puzzles to the next level! Place the piece correctly, and you're rewarded with the...

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  • Wooden Pegboards Shape Sorter

    Item # 2975

    Price $25.75

    Sort shapes by color and relative height with this geometric Shape Sorter. Set includes 20...

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  • Winkel

    Item # 34585

    Price $16.75

    Colorful loops enhance visual stimulation, while the rattle in the center provides auditory...

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  • Water Wigglers

    Item # 42617

    Price $33.75

    Give those active hands some squishy fun. Squeeze the tube to make the objects wiggle through the...

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  • Vehicle Sound Puzzle

    Item # 38953

    Price $21.00

    Build cause and effect understanding, listening skills, matching skills and more! Features colorful...

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  • U Fidget

    Item # 42941

    Price $29.75

    “U” can flip it, spin it or fold it – there are endless shapes to create with the...

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  • Twisty Droppers

    Item # 41789

    Price $18.00

    These fun ‘twisty’ droppers are great for building fine motor skills and the muscles in...

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  • Twirly Whirly

    Item # 35890

    Price $37.50

    Give it a whirl…or turn, shake, or roll to create a unique, interactive combination of sound...

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  • Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run

    Item # 43349

    Price $25.50

    Create your own unique marble run with long, short, and curved magnetic pieces. Then, drop the...

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