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Adaptive Ability Switches

FlagHouse's generous selection of adaptive ability switches offers a great range of assistive technology. Vibrating toys offer a fun, tactile experience while single and multi-message communicators allow for both simple and more complex communication. Find a variety of options from brands including Lego and Flying Colors.


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  • Grasp Switch

    Item # 43506

    Price $285.00

    Activate this tube-shaped wired switch with a squeeze or a pinch. User must be able to release the...

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  • Plate Switch

    Item # 43505

    Price $92.00

    Large activation surface The low profile on this wired switch makes it ideal for users unable to...

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  • Mini Cup Switch

    Item # 43504

    Price $87.00

    One of the most durable switches available. It comes with an IP67 rating – meaning that it is...

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  • Mini Dome Switch

    Item # 42450

    Price $229.00

    Bright lights, dazzling glitter and lively music make this capability switch very exciting for...

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  • Soft Shaggy Switch

    Item # 42449

    Price $145.00

    Users will find it hard to resist this textured switch that activates devices with the gentlest...

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  • Light-Up Gel Switch

    Item # 42448

    Price $158.00

    Eye-catching and inviting, this soft, sparkly switch will motivate every user to reach out and...

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  • Mini Carillon

    Item # 43063

    Price $699.00

    With the six color-coded song cards, it’s easy to play songs by pressing the matching color on...

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  • Cushion Grip Switch - Medium

    Item # 43075

    Price $89.00

    A fantastic sensitive switch that fits most hands. Just slip it over your hand and you can use a...

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  • Textured Saucer Set of 3

    Item # 43074

    Price $305.00

    Ideal for those with limited motor abilities. These handy switches are specially designed for...

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  • Senso Dot Switch

    Item # 43073

    Price $155.00

    Tactile and visually stimulating, Senso Dot switch provides a wonderful somatosensory experience...

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  • Infinity Mirror

    Item # 43065

    Price $309.00

    Create an optical illusion of a never ending tunnel of light when you press the built-in gumball...

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  • Infinity Bead Chain

    Item # 43069

    Price $439.00

    The possibilities are endless with this unique multisensory toy that provides simultaneous tactile,...

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