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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Textures for Sensory

Make play time a great time for sensory exploration, therapy, or rehabilitation with our fun products featuring a variety of Textures. This curated selection of products offer great tactile sensory solutions. You'll find sand play sets, Bumpas, hot and cold gel animals, sensory shapes, and more.


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  • Purrble™

    Item # 43503

    Price $49.99

    Purrble is an interactive plush companion that helps children calm themselves down and bounce back...

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  • Rolla Chews

    Item # 42518

    Price $36.00

    This innovative, gear-shaped oral and tactile fidget offers a 360  degree surface for sensory...

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  • Theo the Therapy Dog

    Item # 43304

    Price $49.75

    This soft and cuddly therapy lapdog makes a great comforting companion. Slightly weighted, this...

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  • Purr-fect Pets Border Collie

    Item # 42888

    Price $34.75

    Purr-fect Pets are the ultimate in cuteness. These life-like animals actually “breathe”...

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  • Tactile Search & Match

    Item # 43175

    Price $45.00

    Flip the sensory puzzle pieces over to feel and identify them from their bumpy ridges, smooth...

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  • Tactile Matching Maze

    Item # 43142

    Price $39.75

    Let your fingers do the thinking. Practice fine motor, problem solving and matching skills with...


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  • Gel E Fidget

    Item # 43169

    Price $14.00

    This four square gel e fidget is irresistible and offers a strong resistance for heavy work with the...

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  • Companion Pets- Tuxedo Cat

    Item # 43165

    Price $115.00

    Companion pets provide comfort, interactive companionship and fun to people of all ages. Designed...

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  • Sensory Snap

    Item # 43222

    Price $29.00

    Unique tactile game for seniors with cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s or dementia....

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  • Braille Alphabet Tiles

    Item # 43100

    Price $29.75

    Set of 26 tiles, each tile embossed with the same letter in Braille and in the English alphabet....

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  • Soft Magnetic Alphabet

    Item # 42269

    Price $55.00

    Chunky and easy to grip, soft touch magnetic alphabet. Set of 26 upper case letters. Made of soft...

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  • Soft Magnetic Numbers

    Item # 42268

    Price $29.75

    Chunky and easy to grip, soft touch magnetic numbers. Set of 10 numbers, 0-9. Made of soft natural...

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