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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Tactile Fidget Sensory Solutions

Encourage focus and attention with FlagHouse's large selection of tactile fidget sensory solutions. Our Fidget Kits are perfect for sensory seekers or for those who need to fidget to stay alert. Fidgets encourage touch exploration, texture awareness, fine motor workouts, coordination, and concentration. Also choose from bouncy bands for middle and high school chairs, water wigglers, fidget desks, and more.


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  • Gyrobi - Set of 6

    Item # 42620

    Price $24.00

    Twist, spin and rotate this gyroscope inspired fidget to release energy and gain focus. Features 4...

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  • Loopez

    Item # 42621

    Price $24.00

    Flip the colored plastic pieces round and round the dual axes of the rings. Perfect for all ages....

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  • Spikey Gloves Set of 4

    Item # 42663

    Price $24.75

    Ultra soft gloves are covered with stretchy spikes for a cool and fun experience. Assorted colors....

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  • Mox- Set of 3

    Item # 43324

    Price $26.50

    Flexible friend, fantastic fidget and super stacker.  Suitable for all ages, Mox is a tactile...

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  • Skwish™

    Item # 14080

    Price $26.50

    Squeeze it down flat and watch as it pops open again! A brightly colored multi-dimensional...

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  • FootFidget® Foot Rest Only

    Item # 41417

    Price $29.75

    Change the way your client’s learn with the revolutionary FootFidget® Foot Rest. Similar...

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  • U Fidget

    Item # 42941

    Price $29.75

    “U” can flip it, spin it or fold it – there are endless shapes to create with the...

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  • Swingos

    Item # 43328

    Price $32.00

    Rotate the three spinner discs to satisfy your fidget needs. Quiet and discreet.  Good for...

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  • Water Wigglers

    Item # 42617

    Price $33.75

    Give those active hands some squishy fun. Squeeze the tube to make the objects wiggle through the...

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  • Rolla Chews

    Item # 42518

    Price $36.00

    This innovative, gear-shaped oral and tactile fidget offers a 360  degree surface for sensory...

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