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Tactile Fidget Sensory Solutions

Encourage focus and attention with FlagHouse's large selection of tactile fidget sensory solutions. Our Fidget Kits are perfect for sensory seekers or for those who need to fidget to stay alert. Fidgets encourage touch exploration, texture awareness, fine motor workouts, coordination, and concentration. Also choose from bouncy bands for middle and high school chairs, water wigglers, fidget desks, and more.


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  • Squeeze Ball™

    Item # 5902

    Price $5.25

    Soft, no-bounce coated ball you just have to squeeze! Ultra-light ball offers almost no resistance...

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  • Flex Ring

    Item # 8266

    Price $7.75

    Soft, plastic ring with rounded disc “beads” can be twisted or squeezed for tactile...

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  • Sommerfly® Focus Fidgety™ - Small

    Item # 42310

    Price $8.25

    A practically designed hand fidget that conveniently comes with a wrist strap and finger loop....

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  • Sommerfly® Focus Fidgety™ - Large

    Item # 42311

    Price $9.25

    A practically designed hand fidget that conveniently comes with a wrist strap and finger loop....

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  • Mini Roller XL

    Item # 43296

    Price $9.75

    Roll this palm-sized red fidget between your fingers for instant sensory stimulation. Alternating...

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  • Fidgitz™

    Item # 42942

    Price $9.95

    Three dimensional Fidgitz™ twists and turns in a unique fluid motion that captivates users...

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  • Pencil Finger Fidgets - Set of 4

    Item # 39429

    Price $10.25

    Colorful pencils in various themes are topped with fun finger fidgets, one each of Wingnuts, Nut N'...

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  • Fidget Ball Set

    Item # 43177

    Price $12.00

    These hand sized, flock covered fidget balls will help keep busy and anxious minds focused. Velvety...

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  • Bouncyband® For Elementary Chairs

    Item # 43111

    Price $14.00

    Active students are more productive and spend more time on task when they can fidget and move....

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  • TANGLE® Therapy

    Item # 39440

    Price $14.00

    Twist it/turn it therapy fun! Therapy device improves range of hand motion, restores joint motion,...

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  • Gel E Fidget

    Item # 43169

    Price $14.00

    This four square gel e fidget is irresistible and offers a strong resistance for heavy work with the...

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  • Fidgipod

    Item # 43317

    Price $14.75

    Get instant sensory stimulation and input with these highly popular fidgipods. Useful for anyone who...

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