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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Massagers for Sensory

Massagers provide tactile input and improve circulation. Our massagers range from low intensity to high intensity, with both manual and electronic options. Choose from a variety of massager types, including full body mats, vibrating pillows, and infrared heated massagers.


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  • Tiger Tail 18"

    Item # 18781

    Price $39.00

    Turn sore muscles into happy muscles. The  Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager is a hand-held...

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  • Massaging Pillow

    Item # 40097

    Price $32.50

    This pillow is designed to contour comfortably to the body. Features two gentle speeds. Use in the...

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  • Therapy Massage Ball - 30"

    Item # 38446

    Price $29.75

    For ages 9 months+. Nub-covered surface provides deep massage and pleasant tactile sensation.

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  • Infrared Heat Massager

    Item # 37622
    WAS $38.00

    NOW $28.50

    YOU SAVE 25%

    Compound eyes emit soothing, infrared rays that penetrate deeply into skin surfaces. Dual motors are...

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  • Vibrating Tube

    Item # 3613

    Price $34.75

    Hold it in your hand. Touch it. Wrap it around your neck. This flexible, rubber covered tube is...

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  • Relief Massage Oil

    Item # 36034

    Price $21.00

    Our massage oils contain a special blend of plant essences and 100% pure golden Jojoba to create a...

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  • Vibrating Foot Slippers

    Item # 34600

    Price $27.00

    Comfy slippers feature knobby, battery-operated insoles that provide invigorating foot massage. Easy...

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