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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Gel Pads for Sensory

Gel pads and tiles have been shown to have a multitude of sensory benefits for both children and adults. At FlagHouse, our gel pads and products offer help with sensory stimulation, visual processing, motor skills and more. Gel floor tiles provide the feet with tactile stimulation and help with balance. Gel mazes and puzzles give the opportunity to improve finger dexterity during active learning. Our gel animals can be microwaved or chilled to calm and comfort. Shop FlagHouse’s wide variety of sensory gel pads today!


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  • Square Gel Floor Tiles- Set of 6

    Item # 43272

    Price $240.00

    Encourage sensory stimulation, visual processing and gross motor skills with these colorful,...

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  • Gel E Fidget

    Item # 43169

    Price $14.00

    This four square gel e fidget is irresistible and offers a strong resistance for heavy work with the...

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  • Sequencing Gel Pad

    Item # 43167

    Price $34.75

    This functional gel pad helps users recognize numbers and better understand their sequencing as well...

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  • Gel-E Seat

    Item # 42904

    Price $47.00

    The Gel-E-Seat is a wonderful wheelchair or chair cushion for individuals with special seating...

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  • Gel Aquarium

    Item # 42067

    Price $42.75

    More than 3 little fishies in this itty-bitty pool! An exciting stimulating pad that reduces anxiety...

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  • Human Anatomy Gel Pad

    Item # 42068

    Price $40.00

    This gel-maze acquaints the user with various part of the body while providing tactile stimulation...

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  • Home Recognition Gel Pad

    Item # 42088

    Price $39.00

    This Sensory Stimulation gel house maze acquaints the user with common household items. Helps...

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  • Gel Tiles

    Item # 36013

    Price $137.00

    Lightweight and easy to handle, these brightly colored touch-responsive gel tiles encourage...

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  • Star Activity Tray

    Item # 39346

    Price $101.00

    Reinforce sense of touch with this tray of diversely textured pieces. Have clients run their fingers...

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  • Gel Maze Activity Pad

    Item # 39010

    Price $41.75

    Add some fun to any therapy session with this gel-filled maze.  Enhance hand-eye coordination...

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  • Alpha - Numeric Gel Pads - Gel Pad Set

    Item # 39369

    Price $147.00

    Excellent for practicing pre-handwriting skills. Letter and number boards are encased in gel-filled...

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  • Alpha - Numeric Gel Pads - Numbers

    Item # 39368

    Price $49.25

    Excellent for building pre-handwriting and reading skills! Letter and number boards are encased in...

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