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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Tossing Items for PE & Recreation

No target or tossing game is complete without the right Tossing Items. FlagHouse offers a great selection of game accessories, including both traditional and fun alternative options. Shop classic multi-colored beanbags, beanbag balls, and ring sets, or opt for animal beanbags, foam vegetables, and more. You'll also find a great collection of Frisbees.


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  • Tossable Beanbag Ball

    Item # 18895

    Price $3.00

    Made of soft vinyl filled with plastic pellets. Soft to catch and will not roll away. Easy...

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  • Spinjammer® 100

    Item # 1678

    Price $3.50

    Unique spin cone makes it easy to spin this 9"DIA., 100-gram disc on your fingertip. Even beginners...

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  • Foam Saucer

    Item # 3105

    Price $3.60

    This 2"-thick, 9"-dia., foam saucer offers slower, easier-to-track flight.

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  • Bash Birdie

    Item # 80449

    Price $4.00

    Kick it. Hit it. Catch it. Roll it. Volley it…Even juggle it! This goes-anywhere,...

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  • Move Cube

    Item # 17810

    Price $7.00

    Inflatable 8" cube features see-through vinyl pockets with write-on/wipe-off boards on each side for...

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  • Small Footbag

    Item # 19745

    Price $7.25

    Individually handcrafted by artisans these colorful all-cotton footbags are perfect for practicing...

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  • KanJam Flying Disc - 168 grams

    Item # 80391

    Price $8.00

    Heavy-duty plastic disc is engraved with the official KanJam logo. Weighing in at 168 grams, it's...

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  • Frisbee® Pocket Set - 3 pack

    Item # 80610

    Price $8.75

    Small enough to fit in your pocket, these soft frisbees feature a bendable and durable design....

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  • The Big Sack Footbag

    Item # 19598

    Price $10.25

    These colorful all-cotton large footbags are perfect for practicing soccer skills or for an...

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  • Pocket Disc - Indoor Disc

    Item # 19597

    Price $10.75

    The MayaFlya are handcrafted colorful flyers that can be used just about anywhere without fear of...

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  • Nylon Beanbag - 5''

    Item # 7969

    Price $11.25

    5"-square nylon bags filled with 5 oz. of plastic pellets. Set of six, one of each color - Orange,...

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  • Monster Flying Disc

    Item # 15436

    Price $11.75

    This brightly-colored disc is easy to throw and easy to catch! Cushioned, foam covered rim makes it...

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