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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Tossing Items for PE & Recreation

No target or tossing game is complete without the right Tossing Items. FlagHouse offers a great selection of game accessories, including both traditional and fun alternative options. Shop classic multi-colored beanbags, beanbag balls, and ring sets, or opt for animal beanbags, foam vegetables, and more. You'll also find a great collection of Frisbees.


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  • Innova® Disc Golf G Star Set

    Item # 80292

    Price $39.75

    The G Star 3-Disc Set comes with an Aviar putter, a Leopard3 fairway driver and a Valkyrie distance...

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  • XtremeDice

    Item # 80243

    Price $24.00

    Roll for fitness fun! Roll the dice and perform the exercise. Our bright, soft, oversized...


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  • Cannon Cubes Set

    Item # 19993

    Price $37.00

    Use them as tossers or with our Cannon Launchers, Item 19992. 3" square nylon cubes are stuffed...

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  • Beanbag Saucers

    Item # 14904

    Price $21.50

    A beanbag and flying disc in one! This unique set includes six 7 1/2"-dia. saucers that have a 3...

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  • Flying Colors® Beanbag Set

    Item # 14511

    Price $21.50

    These smooth, fleece-covered beanbags are the softest we carry. Unlike traditional beanbags which...

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  • Giant Beamo

    Item # 34545

    Price $32.75

    The Beamo Flying lightweight hoop is fun to use and can fly for more than 100 feet. The hoop's soft...

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  • Bull’s - Eye Toss

    Item # 1453

    Price $32.75

    Ideal for seated play, indoors or outdoors. Heavy vinyl mat lies flat on the floor or table while...

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  • Veggie & Pizza Set

    Item # 11200

    Price $39.00

    Veggies are even better with pizza! Set comes complete with one dozen assorted foam vegetables and...


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  • Numbered Beanbag Set

    Item # 1053

    Price $24.50

    Develop number skills while enhancing tosing and catching skills! Features 10 brightly-colored...

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  • Fruit 'n Veg Toss

    Item # 10461

    Price $22.50

    Toss up a healthy addition to your throw-and-catch menu! Assorted "fruits" and "vegetables" are easy...

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