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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Project Adventure Props & Packs

Participate in Project Adventure's many team building and problem-solving activities with FlagHouse's selection of Project Adventure props. An exciting cooperative challenge activity, the PA Pathways is a maze game with adjustable challenges for different levels and abilities. We also carry Project Adventure props for games like Leap Frog, Hitchhiker, The Meuse, Bean Potpourri, and more.


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  • Camp Communities Pack

    Item # 74116

    Price $500.00

    Creating Respectful Camp Communities PACK Bag with Activity Guide Camp counselors, recreation...

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  • Signature Bag

    Item # 11953

    Price $1,300.00

    This PACK includes enough props and equipment for over 70 cooperative games and more than a dozen...

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  • Zoom/Re-Zoom Activity Set

    Item # 74094

    Price $25.00

    Great problem solving activity for groups of all ages and abilities. A favorite with Project...

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  • Game Frame, Web And Activity Kit

    Item # 74091

    Price $440.00

    This kit includes props for the four initiatives Twist 'n Turn, Hole in One, Picking & Packing,...

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  • High School Curriculum Pack

    Item # 12099

    Price $2,150.00

    Adventure Curricula for Physical Education PACK for High School (15-25 students) Project...

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  • Elementary Curriculum Pack

    Item # 12078

    Price $1,500.00

    Adventure Curriculum for Physical Education PACK for Elementary School Project Adventure's turnkey...

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  • Middle School PE Pack

    Item # 11917

    Price $1,700.00

    Adventure Curricula for Physical Education PACK for Middle School (15-25 students) Project...

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  • Wildside Kit

    Item # 71551

    Price $2,299.00

    Take a walk on the Wild Side - A Mohawk Walk! A Wild Woosey! A Tension Traverse! A Team Triangle!...

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  • Beam Potpourri

    Item # 71498

    Price $300.00

    Instantly popular with PA Trainers, this exciting prop truly presents a potpourri of adventure...

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  • Everyday Initiatives Kit

    Item # 74041

    Price $500.00

    If you are on a limited budget and want the ""best of the best"" to launch a program, this kit is...

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  • Game Frame With Web

    Item # 74020

    Price $379.00

    A must for any Adventure program! This freestanding frame supports a variety of team-building...

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  • Keypunch Kit

    Item # 74027

    Price $85.00

    Since its first presentation, Keypunch has proved to be an incredibly versatile and popular...


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