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Games for PE & Recreation

Incorporate your favorite physically and mentally challenging Games into your physical education program. We have a great collection of beloved classics, like chess, checkers, backgammon, dominoes, darts, and card sets. You'll also find an excellent selection of contemporary board games, including Twister, Trouble, Connect Four, and Battleship.


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  • Family Classics Chess Game

    Item # 80763

    Price $10.00

    Popular as ever! This worldwide classic 2 player strategy game features a heavy-duty folding chess...

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  • Inflatable T-ball Set

    Item # 80697

    Price $20.00

    Playball! This oversized, inflatable T-ball set is good for alone play or with friends. 3 piece...

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  • Classic Trivial Pursuit

    Item # 80583

    Price $25.00

    Go retro with the Classic Trivial Pursuit Game featuring 2,400 trivia questions from traditional...

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  • Jumbo 4 in a Row

    Item # 80332

    Price $79.00

    Challenge a friend to a game of 4 in a Row. Players take turns dropping their color-coded discs into...

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  • FlagHouse Foam Gaga Pit

    Item # 80137

    Price $2,899.00

    Bring your gaga game indoors with this durable foam and vinyl alternative. Consists of eight...

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  • Dance Charades

    Item # 80046

    Price $22.00

    You have a 40 second song clip to dance out as many of the dance charades cards as you can. You get...

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  • Giant Snakes and Ladders Board Game

    Item # 80045

    Price $18.00

    The classic Snakes & Ladders game just got supersized! This fun set includes a huge square...

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  • Tenzi-Game

    Item # 42064

    Price $17.00

    First, everyone gets ten dice. Someone says, “Go!” Then everyone rolls and rolls as fast...

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  • Standard Giant Checkers

    Item # 19889

    Price $105.00

    Perfect for classroom play and smaller garden areas A smaller version of the Giant Checkers, they...

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  • Standard Giant Chess

    Item # 19888

    Price $105.00

    The fun and excitement of our Giant Chess... in a more compact space! Looking for big fun in a small...

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  • Charades for Kids

    Item # 19890

    Price $14.00

    Acting out can be fun! Get young players acting out simple activities, using pictures or words....

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  • Rummikub®

    Item # 18258

    Price $18.00

    A fast-paced strategy game! Similar to old-fashioned rummy card games! Players combine their tile...

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