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Adapted Sensory Balls for PE

These adapted sensory balls from FlagHouse bring inclusivity to physical education with fun and ease. Various shapes and weights create tactile and gravitational variations when squeezed or bounced, offering a wide range of sensory stimulations for all ages. Lighted balls are fun in the dark and create visual focus, while auditory seekers track noise-making balls with their sense of hearing. We even have scented balls for a completely different experience. Shop these great sensory balls today at FlagHouse.


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  • Slow Motion Ball

    Item # 14851R

    Price $29.00

    The slower movement of this ball makes it easier to handle. Bright, lightweight, and bounceable....

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  • Phlat Ball™ Jr.

    Item # 80513

    Price $12.00

    Throw a disc, catch a ball! Phlat Balls™ are unique in that they transform from a 5 1/2"...

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  • FlagHouse® Keepers! Sensory Ball Set

    Item # 80597

    Price $129.00

    Value set includes an assortment of sensory balls to engage the senses and enhance tactile...

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  • Bolli Ball Set of 3

    Item # 80515

    Price $26.50

    The Bolli ball is easy to hold and great for stretching, manipulating, and tossing. Dishwasher and...

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  • Suction Sphere

    Item # 43350

    Price $15.00

    Supersize your fun with these super strong suction cups which cover a 5” ball. The suction...

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  • Bumpy Ball

    Item # 80525

    Price $7.75

    Vinyl 8" bumpy, sensory play ball is excellent for indoor or outdoor activities. Colors may vary.

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  • Luster Illuminated Ball

    Item # 80376

    Price $23.00

    Stage-quality balls illuminated by powerful LEDs give off a bright and beautiful light. Amazing for...

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  • Bash Birdie

    Item # 80449

    Price $4.00

    Kick it. Hit it. Catch it. Roll it. Juggle it…Even doink it! This goes-anywhere,...

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  • Tossable Beanbag Ball Set

    Item # 80121

    Price $19.75

    Soft to catch and won't roll away, our tossable beanbag balls make a great alternative to...

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  • Funny Face Balls

    Item # 80340

    Price $39.00

    These brightly colored Funny Face Balls are great for kicking, throwing, catching, and shooting....

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  • Soft Sensory Ball Set

    Item # 43172

    Price $55.00

    Sensory seekers will enjoy this set of 6 brightly colored, flock covered sensory balls. Velvety to...

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  • 3" Floating Deco Ball

    Item # 43101

    Price $9.75

    Multi color LED Deco Ball adds visual stimulation to any setting. Features 7 still single colors,...

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