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Introducing SunTech™ Sunlight Simulators

This immersive sensory environment harnesses the power of the sun to create authentic beach experiences in any indoor space! Powered by SunTech™ technology, the Sunlight Simulator fills the room with safe artificial light that provides all the health benefits of real sunlight, but without harmful UV radiation that causes sun burns or skin diseases.

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The sun’s light and warmth are not just enjoyable, research indicates that we need a certain amount of sunlight to stay healthy. Just 20 minutes of sun exposure can:

  • Relieve stress
  • Help generate deeper sleep at night
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Help fight seasonal depression

The Suntech Sunlight Simulator is designed to emit low UV artificial sunlight so it’s safe to use, does not impart a tan and requires no sunscreen. The unique technology is backed by 30 years’ experience of sunlight simulation evolving out of the auto industry, where it was used for tolerance-testing of materials.

A small study in Swedish senior care homes demonstrated Suntech’s positive effects on mood among elderly residents. Staff in these facilities were also reportedly healthier and had more energy to devote to their care and work. Crystal Paulitzki, General Manager for FlagHouse Canada elaborated: “We often hear too much sunlight can be harmful to your skin and that is a fact. However, healthcare professionals also tell us the right balance can offer benefits, like helping to elevate mood or reduce depression. This is especially important for individuals who have limited exposure to sun due to health or conditions that inhibit them from spending time outdoors, and these are the very people FlagHouse serves.”

Paulitzki continued, “Suntech has broad application across a multitude of settings, including senior residences, care homes and adult day programs, as well as indoor pools, hotels and other recreational venues. It will also provide an added enhancement to the calming and joyful effects of Snoezelen MSEs and other sensory spaces.” She concluded, “Suntech may also be the perfect answer for long, dark Canadian winters”.

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Seniors enjoying artificial sunlight. Soaking up rays from the SunTech Sunlight Simulator.
SunTech lights offer all the benefits of the sun, without the risk. SunTech Sunlight Simulator Lights.