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Sensory Rooms

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TheraGym Sensory Integration Rooms, Gyms & Indoor Play Spaces
Sensory Integration Rooms, Gyms & Indoor Play Spaces
Sensory Gyms and Sensory Integration (SI) Rooms are fun, secure environments that allow people to experience a variety of therapeutic sensory activities, usually facilitated by an Occupational Therapist or other clinician. These are typically large rooms that incorporate mats, soft-play and gross motor equipment, including swings, climbers, ramps, tunnels, balls, ball pits, crash pads, and other apparatus that enable children to move, jump, bump, twirl and otherwise explore and receive the sensory input they crave.
When guided by professionals trained in sensory integrative therapy, SI spaces can be used to calm or stimulate users and improve their coordination and motor planning, body awareness and focus and attention. More broadly, sensory spaces help children to process the world around them, regulating behavior and improving ability to learn.

FlagHouse is also helping non-therapeutic locations become more sensory-friendly for people of all ages and abilities—in schools, community and recreation centers, camps and other public venues, including:

  • Sensory "Quiet" Rooms
  • "Calming" or "Break-Out" Rooms
  • Interactive Sensory Rooms
  • Soft Play Areas
  • Themed Environments

We bring over 25 years' experience creating conventional and non-traditional sensory rooms in all sizes and structures to meet the specific needs of your facility, and the population you serve.

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