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Haley's Joy® Customer Testimonials

CTC Academy

The Haley’s Joy® swing system has become my go to piece of equipment to use with a variety of my clients. As an occupational therapist working in both school and home settings, its portability as well as the various ways it can meet my client’s needs makes it a favorite of mine. I work with children with all different types of disabilities and I can utilize the therapy swing with all of them. Whether it is part of a sensory diet plan for vestibular input for children with autism, or a way to work on postural and balance issues with students with cerebral palsy, Haley’s Joy is a great piece of equipment that can be used by therapists as well as family members.

Dr. Laura Bejot - Director of Therapeutic Services, CTC Academy, New Jersey

Athens-Meigs Educational Service Center

"Our On the Go Swings have become the cornerstone of two sensory-motor rooms that our therapy team established in 2 of the school districts we serve. The swings are very easy to set up and perfect for the variety of students we serve with both vestibular and core strengthening needs. The ease of set-up and take down allows us to not only transport the swings but to reconfigure the room as we add equipment and make changes to meet the needs of our students. Both of our swings have the center rotational device allowing us to use a variety of swings that require either a single point attachment or 2-point attachment for linear movement. The safety and versatility of these swings have made them the perfect choice for our students."

Mary Kay Eastman, PT, MS - Therapy Coordinator, Athens-Meigs Educational Service Center, Athens, Ohio

Rolling Ridge Equestrian Therapy, Inc.

"Rolling Ridge Riding, Inc. (a therapy based horseback riding center in Rockingham County, NC) has used an "On the Go" swing from Haley's Joy for the past several years outside of our riding ring. Children can work on the swing to receive sensory/vestibular input prior to their therapy ride or afterwards. The swing allows linear and rotational motion. The therapists volunteering with us and kids we serve absolutely LOVE it! The swing is light weight making it easy to bring out to the pre-riding area. It is a snap to assemble and to take down and store as well! Rolling Ridge Riding ‘s kids have received so much help from our smaller model swing, that we were excited (to the moon and back!) to get a second bigger swing that will allow our larger children to benefit from it as well! Additionally, the swings are light weight and so easily transported in their storage bags that our therapists are able to use them in different geographic locations as they serve our special needs children in the community! Haley's Joy swings are AMAZING!"

Kathryn Davis - Pediatric PT, Rolling Ridge Equestrian Therapy, Inc.

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