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Balance & Coordination

Help students and clients strengthen their sense of Balance with our great collection of products. Shop fun balance-promoting outdoor toys and sets, including stilts, balance beams and boards, seesaws, rocking bowls, and more. We also offer great everyday products, like seating disc balance cushions and ball chairs.


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  • Balance Square - Large

    Item # 6414

    Price $75.00

    Extra-large surface is ideal for balance activities while in sitting, kneeling, or standing...


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  • Poly Beam

    Item # 5063

    Price $95.00

    A lightweight, folding balance beam. Low to the floor and flexible. This rubberized polyvinyl 1"H...


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  • Air Cushion

    Item # 37106

    Price $77.00

    This oversized, inflatable balance trainer features 2 types of surfaces to enhance coordination...

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  • FitBall® Balance Stones

    Item # 36646

    Price $49.75

    These versatile, multicolored, textured activity stones are a great way to improve core stability by...

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  • AIREX Balance Pad Plus

    Item # 36579

    Price $85.00

    The Airex Balance Pad will help improve your physical education program and help your participants...

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