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Assistive Software & Hardware

Our selection of Assistive Software & Hardware is designed to aid the learning process. Accessories including assistive keyboards, track balls, and more, are designed to establish a more accessible learning environment for users with motor skill impairments. Shop RE-vibe wristbands and products from brands like KINDERBOARD and Hitch.


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  • Mini Carillon

    Item # 43063

    Price $598.00

    With the six color-coded song cards, it’s easy to play songs by pressing the matching color on...

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  • Cushion Grip Switch - Medium

    Item # 43075

    Price $72.00

    A fantastic sensitive switch that fits most hands. Just slip it over your hand and you can use a...

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  • Textured Saucer Set of 3

    Item # 43074

    Price $261.00

    These sturdy yet super-responsive textured switches provide terrific tactile sensations while they...

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  • Senso Dot Switch

    Item # 43073

    Price $134.00

    Tactile and visually stimulating, Senso Dot switch provides a wonderful somatosensory experience...

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  • Squeeze Switch Set

    Item # 43072

    Price $188.00

    Squeeze Switch Kit has three different textures and shapes: textured roller, spoke ball and turtle....

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  • Tactile Switches Set of 2

    Item # 43071

    Price $199.00

    This set contains two wonderfully textured switches – one with vibration, one without. The...

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  • Infinity Mirror

    Item # 43065

    Price $262.00

    Create an optical illusion of a never ending tunnel of light when you press the built-in gumball...

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  • Infinity Bead Chain

    Item # 43069

    Price $429.00

    The possibilities are endless with this unique multisensory toy that provides simultaneous tactile,...

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  • The Twinkler

    Item # 43064

    Price $283.00

    Pressing the yellow textured switch on the front of the device will send the sparkles flying around...

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  • Shimmering Dome

    Item # 43068

    Price $231.00

    Activate the black frame of the dome and hear music while watching the beautiful multi-colored...

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  • Skoog 2.0

    Item # 43076

    Price $278.00

    Skoog is a powerful fun hands-on accessible music interface for iOS that opens up a world of...


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  • RE-vibe Individual Pack

    Item # 42700 BKL

    Price $103.00

    RE-vibe is a wearable technology that utilizes proprietary algorithms to provide silent,...


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