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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Board & Cards Games for SEL

Board games, card games and other fun intrapersonal activities make learning fun for kids, but they also serve many more important purposes. Developing reasoning skills, empathy and understanding of others’ perspective are key elements of board games that encourage social and emotional learning. Kids discover feelings, communication techniques and self-awareness all through interactive fun. Shop all games including cards, board games, giant games and travel games here at FlagHouse!


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  • Giant Snakes and Ladders

    Item # 80045

    Price $18.00

    The classic Snakes & Ladders game just got supersized! This fun set includes a huge square...

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  • Tenzi-Game

    Item # 42064

    Price $17.00

    First, everyone gets ten dice. Someone says, “Go!” Then everyone rolls and rolls as fast...

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  • Charades for Kids

    Item # 19890

    Price $14.00

    Acting out can be fun! Get young players acting out simple activities, using pictures or words....

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  • Rummikub®

    Item # 18258

    Price $18.00

    A fast-paced strategy game! Similar to old-fashioned rummy card games! Players combine their tile...

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  • Topple™

    Item # 18257

    Price $15.00

    Stack’em up - without them toppling down! Take turns rolling the die and placing pieces on...

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  • Chutes and Ladders®

    Item # 18174

    Price $12.75

    Children learn counting and number recognition as they travel along the gameboard to get to the top....

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  • Candy Land®

    Item # 18173

    Price $13.75

    Players’ imaginational soar as they pick cards and move their markers along the colorful board...

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  • Giant Spoons

    Item # 15813

    Price $17.75

    The classic game of huge spoons! Players race to get 4 cards of a kind, then they need to snag a...

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  • Card Holder

    Item # 39494

    Price $12.75

    Put (and keep!) all your cards on the table with this card holder! This fan-shaped playing card...

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  • Clue

    Item # 945

    Price $15.75

    Every time you sit down and play, you’ll solve a fascinating new mystery. Clue relies on your...

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  • Life

    Item # 941

    Price $19.95

    Spin the Wheel of Fate and advance toward your destiny. Plan carefully - the one who retires with...

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  • Sorry

    Item # 939

    Price $15.75

    A 50-year-old classic that’s always exciting! Slides, backward and forward moves, and special...

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