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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Project Adventure Props & Packs

Build teamwork and communication with games, props, and activity sets from Project Adventure. Full of fun, these activities get groups working together to solve problems and challenge themselves.


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  • Object Retrieval Kit

    Item # 74029

    Price $72.00

    Object Retrieval, also known as Nuclear Waste or Toxic Waste, is a popular problem-solving...

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  • Pack Box

    Item # 71038

    Price $1,550.00

    This box is an excellent choice for the secure storage of all your adventure gear. The box measures...

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  • Numbered Spots (1-30)

    Item # 71179

    Price $58.00

    Numbered Spot Markers set contains numbers 1-30 on 5"" round poly spots that are durable and hand...

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  • Peek-A-Who Screen

    Item # 71180

    Price $24.00

    This versatile prop is a classic! It's great for the much-enjoyed name game of "Peek-A-Who" and...

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  • 4" Colored Fleece Ball - Set of 4

    Item # 71162

    Price $14.50

    Soft and durable fleece balls are ideal for games and teaching colors. Includes 1 each in red,...

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  • Group Walkers - Pairs

    Item # 7724

    Price $99.00

    A challenging coordination activity for 6 players. Team Walkers require communication and teamwork...


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  • Connectiles

    Item # 12799

    Price $38.00

    Connectiles is a highly interactive activity that will motivate your group to work as a team by...

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  • Quicksilver Pack

    Item # 12666

    Price $600.00

    Quicksilver is a substance that when dropped on the ground, it scatters in a beautiful yet...

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  • Dual Walker - Pr

    Item # 1228

    Price $59.00

    Dual Walkers reinforce teamwork, coordination, and communication! Walk by using hand ropes to lift...


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    Item # 12081

    Price $4.00

    There’s no peeking with these soft blindfolds! Ideal for cooperative and trust activities,...

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  • Porcupine Progression

    Item # 11949

    Price $26.00

    The Porcupine Progression is another PA customer favorite! Our neatly packaged rendition of this...

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  • Mass Pass Deluxe

    Item # 11945

    Price $199.00

    These fast-paced, high-energy activities involve communication, teamwork, and planning skills. Each...

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