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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Project Adventure Props & Packs

Build teamwork and communication with games, props, and activity sets from Project Adventure. Full of fun, these activities get groups working together to solve problems and challenge themselves. Perfect for College & University Team Building Programs, Youth Team Building Programs, Corporate Team Building, and more!


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  • All About You Thumball™

    Item # 71646

    Price $16.00

    The 4" All About You? Thumball is a fun, innovative way for people to get acquainted.  It...

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  • What If _? Thumball™

    Item # 71645

    Price $16.00

    The 6" What If ______? Thumball is a great way for groups of people to share ideas, experiences,...

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  • The Meuse

    Item # 18323

    Price $155.00

    Originally, The Meuse was only an installed or custom built low element for a challenge course....


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  • Leap Frog

    Item # 18393

    Price $99.00

    Leap Frog gets up to 14 participants planning, working, and moving together. In this team challenge...


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  • PA Pathways

    Item # 18325

    Price $121.00

    FlagHouse and Project Adventure have partnered up to create this unique and exciting cooperative...

    ActivityGuide Video

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  • Four-Person Walker

    Item # 18399

    Price $89.75

    Reinforce teamwork, coordination, and communication! Participants walk by using hand ropes to lift...

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  • 52 Card Pick Up Set

    Item # 71607

    Price $29.00

    52 Pick-Up is PA’s favorite mingling activity and gets the whole group moving, talking to one...

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  • Who Are You? Thumball™

    Item # 71613

    Price $16.00

    The 4" Who Are You? Thumball provides fun questions about likes, dislikes, and experiences allow...

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  • Ultimate Initiatives Pack

    Item # 11957

    Price $1,900.00

    Group problem-solving challenges are a great way to build communication and other social emotional...

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  • Stepping Stones Therapeutic Pack

    Item # 74122

    Price $1,465.00

    This product from Project Adventure aligns with our latest publication, "Stepping Stones: A...

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  • Camp Communities Pack

    Item # 74116

    Price $500.00

    Creating Respectful Camp Communities PACK Bag with Activity Guide Camp counselors, recreation...

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  • Signature Bag

    Item # 11953

    Price $1,300.00

    This PACK includes enough props and equipment for over 70 cooperative games and more than a dozen...

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