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36" Zipwire Sewn Lanyard

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The Grizzly Spliced Zipwire lanyard made from 5/8" KMIII by TEUFELBERGER is available in 5 lengths: 32", 36", 40", 44", 48. Lengths are measured end to end and sizes may vary +/- 1". The minimum breaking strength is 11,465 lbs and meets or exceeds ACCT DPI Standards for strength and performance. Labeling on the product includes the manufacturer name and date, rope strength, and length. The product includes specification sheet, and as a cautionary note, it is the responsibility of the individual/organization purchasing this product to verify the suitability of the length of the lanyard to the application and operation of the element. Making adjustments to the length (e.g. tying knots) are not recommended.


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