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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Tactile Stimulation for Learning at Home

Kids learn best when they can explore using all of their senses. Seeing and hearing can be complimented with tactile stimulation learning to make education both more fun and more successful. Sand manipulatives and gel pads build fine motor skills while soothing anxiety and frustration. Spiky sensory balls integrate tactile input, visual skills and gross motor abilities and offer an endless number of activities. Shop FlagHouse today for all your at-home tactile tool needs.


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  • Tactile Ball Match

    Item # 43326

    Price $50.25

    Match the 9 pairs of tactile and visual balls by texture or color. Encourages sensory exploration,...

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  • Gel Fish

    Item # 43311

    Price $16.00

    wim with the fishes – gel fishes that is! These bright and colorful fish shaped gel pads are a...

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  • SensoFun Pals

    Item # 43316

    Price $29.00

    Squeezable, funny faced sensory pals that are soft and easy to toss. Nubby textures are irresistible...

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  • Teaching Tac-Tiles

    Item # 43319

    Price $21.00

    Engage children’s senses and strengthen fine motor skills with these colorful, fun-to-feel...

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  • Kinetic Sand™-5.5 Lbs

    Item # 43313

    Price $39.00

    Unlike any other sand! Soft and tactile for a unique sands-sational experience. Work the sand...

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  • Tactile Search & Match

    Item # 43175

    Price $45.00

    Flip the sensory puzzle pieces over to feel and identify them from their bumpy ridges, smooth...

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  • Sequencing Gel Pad

    Item # 43167

    Price $34.75

    This functional gel pad helps users recognize numbers and better understand their sequencing as well...

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  • Tactile Egg Shakers- Set of 12

    Item # 43183

    Price $36.00

    Shake things up with these colorful tactile musical eggs. The raised dots provide tactile feedback...

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  • Tic Tac Toe Tile

    Item # 42935

    Price $32.25

    A fun way to fine-tune coordination and increase attention span. User moves plastic disks along the...

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  • Sensory Balls

    Item # 42938

    Price $48.25

    This 9 piece mega set of balls covers a wide range of sensory integration needs including tactile...


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  • Spikey Gloves Set of 4

    Item # 42663

    Price $24.75

    Ultra soft gloves are covered with stretchy spikes for a cool and fun experience. Assorted colors....

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  • Better Builder Grippies

    Item # 42696

    Price $45.00

    Combine tactile exploration and magnetic play to help children discover the joy of building! The...

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