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Auditory Processing for Learning at Home

For kids, developing auditory areas of the brain is as important at home as it is at school. Building a home environment with a beneficial auditory environment is easy with FlagHouse products and can help your child with listening, following directions, organization, conversing, focus and even academic subjects. Our toys and tools ensure kids have tons of fun while building cognitive and auditory skills.


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  • Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs

    Item # 43510

    Price $29.00

    Keep uncomfortable loud sounds out while still being able to clearly hear everything else going on...

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  • Whish Sound Machine

    Item # 42794

    Price $49.00

    Produce soft, comfortable, natural sounds that help block out noise. Features user friendly controls...

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  • Rock & Roll It Drum

    Item # 43182

    Price $90.00

    This colorful and flexible drum will delight users and enable them to easily learn how to play. The...

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  • Tactile Egg Shakers- Set of 12

    Item # 43183

    Price $36.00

    Shake things up with these colorful tactile musical eggs. The raised dots provide tactile feedback...

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  • Rock and Roll It Rainbow Piano

    Item # 43126

    Price $59.99

    Flexible and completely portable rainbow colored piano keyboard comes with 49 standard keys...

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  • NoiseOff

    Item # 42952

    Price $22.00

    Create an environment that supports reading, studying, and focusing by using the NoiseOff device to...

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  • Recordable Answer Buzzers

    Item # 42949

    Price $28.00

    Record up to 7 seconds per buzzer – plenty of time for a silly saying, snippet of music or more....

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  • Shake and Roll

    Item # 42619

    Price $26.00

    This colorful, fun and exciting rhythm set creates a calming experience with its combination of...

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  • Barnyard Buzzers

    Item # 41773

    Price $22.00

    Set of 4 buzzers keep little ones giggling and imitating these silly animal sounds! Just press to...

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  • Lights and Sounds Buzzers

    Item # 41772

    Price $28.00

    Set of 4 light-up buzzers that mimic real-world objects – a siren, a game-show buzzer, laser &...

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  • Ear Defenders

    Item # 41604

    Price $36.00

    Perfect for those with sensitive ears! These adjustable earmuffs will dampen down sounds for...

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  • b-Calm GP

    Item # 40420

    Price $165.00

    Get this practical intervention tool, designed to relax and calm those with sensory challenges! The...

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