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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

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  • Tactile Awareness Box

    Item # 9490

    Price $19.75

    A treasure trove of "touchy feelies"! Includes: 3" Spiky Ball Bouncy Ball Foam Ball ...


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  • Sound Solutions Box

    Item # 39063

    Price $274.00

    Features musical instruments, rhythmic tools, and musical toys. Items store neatly in the included...

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  • Soft Toss Set

    Item # 8262

    Price $89.25

    Safe and fun activities for all ability levels. Use in both large and small groups. Set includes: ...

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  • Social Emotion Kit

    Item # 43246

    Price $299.00

    Our Social Emotion Kit encourages exploration and recognition of emotions and social responses. This...

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  • Sensory Play Set

    Item # 3765

    Price $67.25

    A variety of different textures, shapes and sizes. The set includes: 3 Spike Balls - 6" 3...

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  • Sensory Play Kit 2

    Item # 43279

    Price $239.00

    Sensory Play Kit 2 comes with an array of items exclusively selected by our functional expert-...


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  • Sensory Motor Kit

    Item # 3970

    Price $151.00

    Engage the tactile sense with kit's items, from smooth surfaces to varying degrees of bumpy,...

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  • Memory Care Kit

    Item # 43231

    Price $189.00

    Wide assortment of memory care items to assist and help improve the quality of life for those with...

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  • Low Vision Kit

    Item # 43242

    Price $325.00

    Our Low Vision Kit is a great solution toward inclusion, whether your needs are for those who are...

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  • Inclusive Gymnastics Kit 3

    Item # 42992

    Price $635.00

    Jumpstart your Inclusive Gymnastics Program with this large-scale Inclusive Gymnastics Kit....


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  • Inclusive Gymnastics Kit 2

    Item # 42991

    Price $359.00

    Utilize this slightly larger Inclusive Gymnastics Kit for your Inclusive Gymnastics program....


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  • Inclusive Gymnastics Kit 1

    Item # 42990

    Price $217.00

    Get started with an Inclusive Gymnastics program with this core Inclusive Gymnastics Kit!...


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