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Exercise Spots for Fitness

Stay active even with social distancing! These work great for kids and adults and will keep one person or a group of people active while staying in a stationary location. FlagHouse's assortment of spot markers for fitness include non-slip backing to keep spots in place and a variety of different activities printed on the top. These are ideal for all-ages, touch-free circuit training.


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  • Curved Arrow Set

    Item # 80005

    Price $12.00

    Use these brightly colored arrows to help students navigate through activities. Vinyl spot markers...

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  • HotSpots - Muscle Groups

    Item # 18809
    WAS $45.75

    NOW $37.00

    YOU SAVE 19%

    Maximize your students understanding of muscle anatomy with these 8.5" diameter spots. Each spot...

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  • Cone Tops™

    Item # 19623

    Price $29.25

    Attach your HotSpot™ exercise spots to cones quickly and easily with HotSpot™...

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  • Cardio HotSpots™

    Item # 18957

    Price $48.75

    Make cardio a part of your exercise routines and fitness stations! Place spots on the floor and have...

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  • Dry - Erase Spots

    Item # 17641

    Price $119.00

    Great for station activities or circuits! Numbered station spots feature a dry-erase board for...

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  • Superstations Calisthenics Spots

    Item # 12989

    Price $48.00

    Perfect for stations or circuits that work on strengthening the whole body! This great set contains...

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  • HotSpots™ Core

    Item # 14195

    Price $48.00

    Set up stations or circuits that work the core muscles of the body! Set contains 12 spots featuring...

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  • HotSpots™ Jump Rope

    Item # 12979

    Price $48.00

    Set up stations or circuits with spots that use a jump rope! Perform fun exercises such as straddle...

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  • HotSpots™ Medicine Ball

    Item # 12953

    Price $45.00

    Set up stations or circuits with spots that use a medicine ball! Perform squats, pendulum, stump...

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  • HotSpots™ Exercise Ball

    Item # 12817

    Price $48.00

    Set up stations or circuits with spots that use an exercise ball! Perform effective exercises such...

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  • Aerobo - Circuit Poly Spots

    Item # 15546

    Price $59.00

    These fun spots get participants moving with easy-to-do aerobic exercises that are all based on...

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  • Tubing Spots Set

    Item # 15263

    Price $49.00

    Use tubing in your exercise routines and fitness stations! Get both small and large groups active...

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